Time to Event

2021/10/14 16:00:00

AIM: To get more people security-aware in today’s digital age!

Eskenzi PR runs Security Serious Week, a dedicated campaign to help businesses take cybersecurity seriously and spread security awareness more generally. In its 7th year, we wanted to do something extraordinary in the name of cybersecurity…

With the help of our sponsors – OneLogin and KnowBe4 – we aim to set an Official Guinness World Record for the Most Views of a Cyber Security Lesson Video on YouTube in 24 hours. Security experts Javvad Malik and Niamh Muldoon will be leading the session and this will be available for free over a 24-hour period from 4pm BST on the 14th of October 2021.

The training is open to all members of the public who must register in advance to have a chance to win an official Guinness World Records participation award!* 

It will surely create a positive ripple within the community to spread advice on the important issues within the cybersecurity industry, particularly in the wake of some pretty major security incidents over the past year. 

As the name suggests, Security Serious is a serious event but it has developed into a series of fun, entertaining, informative events that get the industry together and, at the same time, educate the public to become more security savvy.

The security training will be conducted virtually via Zoom and streamed through Youtube Live to participants around the world.

Register now: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/166314899341

Watch the live stream here: https://youtu.be/fI6s-NqbqPs

*Only the first 5000 people that register ahead of the event will receive an official Guinness World Record participation certificate!

Tabletop exercises, where teams can hone an appropriate incident response policy are a crucial aspect of developing a robust structure with which to respond to security incidents, and can be the difference between an incident becoming life or death for your business.

OneLogin will walk attendees through the process, with the following elements of the tabletop process, providing viewers with all of the necessary ammunition to complete their own war-game exercises, in order to plan for the worst while hoping for the best:

  • What is a Tabletop Exercise? – The difference between an Incident Simulation Tabletop and a Discussion-based Walkthrough / Workshop Tabletop
  • The importance of developing an Incident Response Plan
  • Why Communication and Coordination are as crucial as the incident response plan itself
  • How the lessons learned from conducting a tabletop exercise can also be fed into any future incident response planning.
Ransomware dominates cybersecurity headlines on a daily basis. Organisations of all sizes across all verticals get hit and the impact is growing. Cyber criminals have become thoughtful; taking the time to maximise the potential damage they can inflict. Stealing data, disrupting operations and demanding millions. While it is important to have a response and recovery plan in place, the real question that is often overlooked is how did ransomware get into the organisation to begin with — and can we stop ransomware at the gates before it becomes an incident?
Key takeaways:
  • Why backups are not enough
  • The ever-evolving threat of ransomware
  • Everyone in the organisation has a role to play
  • Why ransomware is not even your real problem