Did you know?

Cybercrime is forecasted to cost the world US$10.5 trillion by 2025¹, and 28% of European SMEs have experienced at least one type of cybercrime in 2021².

We are inviting students of all disciplines to work collaboratively together, connecting the skills of communications, creativity and cybersecurity to produce a security awareness video that addresses one of the themes from Cybersecurity Awareness Month – and in particular helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and critical industry risk.


1. Enabling multi-factor authentication

2. Using strong passwords and a password manager

3. Updating software

4. Recognising and reporting phishing

As part of the process, teams of no more than 4 people would need to perform industry interviews and speak to organisations about their security awareness programmes, what types of social engineering, phishing or other cybersecurity threats they are up against. They will also need to address industry trends such as the growth of incidents involving SMEs. Teams must then submit a report detailing how they worked together, how they collaborated and networked with industry, and what lessons they will take forward.

The Campaign Team, composed of industry leaders including KnowBe4 and leading university professors, will judge the entries and select a winner.


The prize for best winning entry could be a total of £5,000 split among team members, a trip to Orlando with costs of flights/accommodation/food covered up to £10,000 by KnowBe4 and/or mentorship opportunities with participating professors.

The winning video will also be presented at KB4Con in front of thousands of cybersecurity professionals.

Submissions should be sent as a pdf and/or link to kb4challenge@gmail.com with the Subject Line as follows: CHALLENGE SUBMISSION: Name of Lead Team Member (Date)

The project will be assessed on three different areas:

  1. The video itself – quality and execution (max. 3 minutes)

  2. Write up: Collaboration – how did you work together as a team and what have you learned from each other?

    • How did you identify the issue that you chose to focus on? Why is it so relevant now?
    • How did you divide up the work? Who took the lead? Do you feel that you could have done anything differently/better in organising the initial meet up or interviews?
    • Recommendations for future students undertaking the same project?
  3. Write up: What these lessons imply for the industry (based on initial industry interviews) but also seek to answer:

    • What lessons learned from the experience can be applied to industry?
    • What strategies, technical skills or principles did you use during the project and how can these be applied in industry going forward?
    • How do you get employees or wider audiences to care about cyber issues


  • Teams are limited to four people max.
  • Video must be 3 minutes long max. and address one of the themes outlined above.
  • Though primarily UK-focused, the competition is open to students internationally.
  • Deadline for submissions: February 2023.