Ransomware: How to strategically Fight it, Without Breaking the Bank

Ransomware presents some unique challenges to organizations, regardless of the size, industry or geography. However, it has very distinct behaviour relative to other kinds of malware. It actually tells you that an attack has taken place. From a defender’s point of view, being alerted to an attack is far better than having it stay undetected in your systems. During this presentation, John Cloonan, head of products at Lastline, will review:

– Common elements of today’s malware strains
– Effective strategies for combatting ransomware
– What malware defenders can learn from ransomware

Presented by John Cloonan, head of products at Lastline

Live online on Wednesday, 4th of October, 3pm BST or after on demand.

Register here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/11399/281089